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Royal Guelphian Navy
Branch Navy
Size 8,500 Active
4,335 Reserve Personnel
2,805 Conscripts
Part of Guelphian Defence Force
Headquarters Gatehouse Square
Kingsbury, CENT
March Heart of Oak (Listen)
Chief of Staff Vice Admiral Joshua Brown
Naval Ensign Flag-navy.png

The Royal Guelphian Navy is the chief naval force of New England, and is part of the Guelphian Defence Force. By world standards, the Navy is is classified as a green-water navy, with a primary capability of operating within 500 nautical miles (930 kilometres; 580 miles) of home port. The navy deliberately lacks the ability for sustained long-distance combat operations, concentrating instead on the home defence of Guelphia.

Despite it's diminutive size and status, the Navy has a proud history and has participated in major past conflicts, including the First and Second World Wars The professional head of the Royal Guelphian Navy is the Chief of the Naval Staff, currently Vice Admiral Joshua Brown. The Chief of the Naval Staff in turn reports to the Chief of the Defence Force Staff.


Further information: Military history of Guelphia


The Royal Guelphian Navy is composed of regular, reserve and national service personnel. The regular navy is a full professional outfit, whereas the naval reserve is a part time reserve outfit only called upon in emergencies. By law, conscripts can never be deployed onto active duty and act only in a support role after their initial training period.

There is a single command, known as the Home Fleet, which is divided into two squadrons. Each of the squadrons is commanded by a Rear Admiral and has maritime and shore components organised into flotillas. The Northern Squadron is responsible for the defence of the sea north of the 42nd parallel, and is based out of HMND Goodwood Island near Goodwood. The Southern Squadron is charged with the defence of the sea south of the 42nd parallel, and is based out of HMND Te Piha. Air support for the Navy is provided by 108 Wing, Royal Guelphian Air Force, which is based out of AFS Codrington.


The Royal Guelphian Navy operates from three principal establishments across New England, plus a handful of smaller facilities that support the operation of the fleet. The principal establishments are the three dockyards, located at Goodwood, Mylestom and Te Piha, with all commanded by a Commodore. All dockyards carry the designation HMND for His Majesty's Naval Dockyard.


The current fleet involves eighteen ships and submarines plus supply and support vessels.

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