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Guelphia's protected areas are parcels of land set aside by the Guelphian government for their ongoing conservation value to the nation. Such land includes natural landscapes (and seascapes), cultural sites and recreation areas. Around 30% of Guelphia's total area is protected in one form or another, with each area categorised according to the international standard.


There are currently seven separate types of protected area in Guelphia:

IUCN Category Name
IUCN category Ia
(strict nature reserve)
Nature reserves
IUCN category Ib
(wilderness area)
Wilderness parks
IUCN category II
(national park)
National parks
IUCN category III
(natural monument or feature)
Natural monuments
IUCN category IV
(habitat/species management area)
Conservation reserves
IUCN category V
(protected landscape/seascape)
Historic parks
IUCN category VI
(sustainably managed protected area)
National forests

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