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Natural Monuments
IUCN category III
(natural monument or feature)
Fawke Falls Natural Monument
Visitors 1.1 million (in 2010)
Managing authority Royal National Parks Service

Natural Monuments are a type of protected area gazetted for their prominent natural features, which are considered to be of outstanding beauty or unusual significance. Currently, there are xx such reserves in Guelphia, occupying 0 square miles (0 km2) or just x.xx% of the total area of the nation.

The classification of natural monuments was introduced in 1968 to better classify areas of high tourist interest surrounded by what would otherwise be considered wilderness, a classification that was now thought appropriate to an area of high human traffic and volume.


According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, a natural monument is as:

An area containing one, or more, specific natural or natural/cultural feature which is of outstanding or unique value because of its inherent rarity, representative or aesthetic qualities or cultural significance.[1]

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