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National Forests
IUCN category VI
(sustainably managed protected area)
Area 0 acres (0 ha)
Visitors 1.3 million (in 2010)
Managing authority Forestry Commission

National Forests are a form of protected area in Guelphia in which forestry, livestock grazing and a variety of recreational pursuits are allowed. There are currently 34 such forests across the country, occupying 0 square miles (0 square kilometres) or 0% of the total landmass of Guelphia.

The administration of Guelphia's national forests is the responsibility of the Forestry Commission, an executive agency of the Ministry of Primary Industry. The designation of a national forest allows for a variety of commercial activities to take place within the reserve that would normally be banned within a protected area. The national forest system also features many replanted forests, with plantations of both hardwood and softwood a reasonably common sight throughout the country.


National forests are defined by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as being:

An area containing predominantly unmodified natural systems, managed to ensure long term protection and maintenance of biological diversity, while providing at the same time a sustainable flow of natural products and services to meet community needs.[1]



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