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National Archives
Type Executive agency
Preceding agency Chief Secretary's Department
Central Office Archives House
King's Square
Kingsbury, CENT
Employees 92
Annual budget £ 10.6 million
Senior executive
Minister of State Peter Edgeworth
Director-General Leon McCutchley

The National Archives is an executive agency of the Ministry of Home Affairs responsible for the storage and preservation of government records in Guelphia. The present agency was formed on 1 July 1969, replacing the Archives Branch of the Chief Secretary's Department which had operated since 1836.


Function and role


The National Archives is based in the Kingsbury City Centre. The building, known as Archives House, contains only a small part of the collection in display cabinets, as well as a public reading room and the administrative offices of the agency.

Given the central location of Archives House, the bulk of the collection is held in the relative safety of the National Archives Storage Facility (NASF) near the town of Yarrowyck in Deverauxshire, some 21 13 miles (113,000 feet) from Kingsbury. The NASF holds all confidential government files, such as cabinet papers held under the 30 year rule; patient records obtained through the publicly-funded Medifund system; and sensitive historic documents whose ongoing preservation requires them to be held in a dry and stable atmosphere. Access to the NASF is highly restricted, with those wishing to access documents making a request online, and then having the document or a facsimile sent to the reading room in the Kingsbury office.

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