Mount Alexander

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Mount Alexander
Elevation 8,172 feet (2,491 m)
Location Melrose, Centralia
Mount Beacon, Centralia
Paradise, Deverauxshire
Range Main Range
Type Shield volcano flank vent
Geological age Late Palæogene
Mount Alexander is located in Guelphia
Mount Alexander
Mount Alexander
Location of Mount Alexander
Geographic landforms of Guelphia
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Mount Alexander is a mountain in Guelphia, and is located about 39 12 miles (63.6 km) west of Kingsbury in the Mount Alexander Nature Reserve. The mountain is 8,172 feet (2,491 m) above sea level, and is therefore the highest peak on archipelago.

The mountain straddles three major river catchments, the River Mitchell in the north-west, the River Wāna to the south-west, and the River Morebank in the east, which is a tributary of the River Pasquale, Guelphia's longest river.