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Minister of State
Government of Guelphia

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A Minister of State is the senior ministerial rank in the government of Guelphia. The title is bestowed upon government ministers who have been sworn by the Sovereign to occupy and administer a cabinet portfolio of the Guelphian Civil Service, and by virtue of their office, are Executive Councillors and are entitled to sit as full-members of the Cabinet of Guelphia. As of June 2013, there are fourteen such ministers of state in Guelphia.

Function and roles

The office of minister of state was established under the Constitution of Guelphia[1]. It is the only such ministerial office to be given constitutional recognition, with the more junior offices being instead created under the provisions of the Ministers of the Crown Act[2].

Ministers of State are assisted by the more junior Deputy Ministers, the most senior of whom in their portfolio receives the additional title of Assistant Minister. It is customary that ministers of state also receive a Parliamentary Secretary, who will often perform minor duties such as answering questions on notice and tabling reports on behalf of the minister when their ministerial commitments prevent them from personally attending the Parliament.

List of current ministers of state

Arranged according to seniority in the order of precedence:

References and notes

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