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New England has a small media and entertainment industry, with public and private stations operating on radio, television and the internet. There are four major media operators in Guelphia. They are ITRN Broadcasting, Guelphia Broadcasting and Publishing, News Talk Radio and Radio Television Guelphia. Each has a slightly different focus, but fundamentally they all aim to provide excellent news and entertainment services to the nation.

By law, these outlets must remain fully independent of one another. Ownership restrictions prohibit ownership across any more than two media streams (i.e. radio, television, &c). This allows for some form of diversity and a theoretically independent media as well. There are also bans on foreign ownership, which is capped at 25% of any outlet.

Sector Overview

The media of Guelphia is divided into four sectors; television, radio, newsprint and the internet.


There are three television networks across the country. Commercial television in Guelphia is divided into four network markets, and all stations carry the name of the market and their network. As the national broadcaster, Radio Television Guelphia does not follow this system, and instead has two television stations that broadcast to the entire nation. There is also a single satellite subscription television service, known as Galaxy Television. Galaxy provides fifty channels of news, sport, movie and documentaries, usually on syndication from the Australia, Europe, and the United States.


There are four radio networks in Guelphia. Three of these are commercial services, that operate on the same market and network system used by commercial television. Again, like television, Radio Television Guelphia uses it's own system, with four national networks standing alongside a four regional stations that together make up RTG Radio. Community and information radio is a small, but significant industry that caters to niche groups and interests, and acts as the principal training ground for journalists, technicians and presenters in both radio and television.

Newspapers and Magazines

New England has a powerful print media industry. All towns have at least one paper, which is usually printed on daily or weekly basis. While many local papers tend to be conservative, the outlook of a newspaper depends on the general public mood of the community in which it is based. There is one national newspaper, The Guelphian, which is printed daily and has a circulation of 275,000 copies a day. The Guelphian is a broadly progressive paper that appeals to a more affluent and socially conscious demographic. Magazines for almost any hobby or social group can be found. In recent years, the trend has been for online magazines, which brings down costs of printing.


The internet is a major source of news and information for many people. Today, New England has a number of small and medium sized internet based companies that provide news and entertainment. Relaxed copyright laws have allowed a number of local music acts to provide albums to the online music radio and download site Aside from it's print interest, the Guelphian maintains a strong online presence. The paper has captured a large market through classified and rental advertisements, and provides the best up to the minute news, business and entertainment through it's online site.

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