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Road routes in Guelphia assist drivers navigating roads in urban, rural, and scenic areas of the kingdom. The route numbering system is composed of trunk roads, main roads, secondary roads, and tourist drives. Each route has a unique number, and are denoted on directional signs and roadside poles by appropriately numbered markers, the design of which varies according to route type.

Trunk roads

Trunk roads form the backbone of the Guelphian road system. As of 2017, there are twelve trunk roads, which can be identified with an 'A' prefix on their route number. The trunk road network is currently 1,880 miles (3,030 kilometres) in length. Unlike minor roads, trunk roads are fully funded and maintained by the Roads Agency.

Name Length Route
 A1  A1 road 743 mi (1,196 km) Ring route (Brunswick Island)
 A2  A2 road 41 mi (66 km) Langford to Kingsbury
 A3  A3 road 79 mi (127 km) Kingsbury to Ashford
 A4  A4 road 0 mi (0 km) Philipstown to Balfour Cove
 A5  A5 road 0 mi (0 km) Kingsbury to Jennings
 A6  A6 road 0 mi (0 km) Williamsdene to Philipstown
 A7  A7 road 0 mi (0 km) Kingsbury to Raleigh
 A8  A8 road 103 mi (166 km) Hyland to Goodwood
 A9  A9 road 0 mi (0 km) Ring route (Isle of Lunenburg)
 A23  A23 road 16 mi (26 km) Hillsborough to Yarrowick

Main roads

Name Length Route
 B17  B17 road 53 mi (85 km) Williamsdene to Corfe Harbour
 B25  B25 road 53 mi (85 km) Kingsbury to Langford

Secondary roads

Name Length Route

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