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Land Command
Founded 9 October 1973
Branch Army
Size 4 Brigades
Part of Guelphian Army
Headquarters Plumwood Square
Kingsbury, CENT
GOC, Land Command Maj. Gen. James Ryan

The Land Command, along with the Special Forces Command and the Training Command, is one of three organisational commands of the Guelphian Army. The command is responsible for the operation of all regular land forces in Guelphia, and consists of four brigades located in strategic locations around the country. The headquarters of the Land Command is located at Plumwood Square, Kingsbury.


The Land Command was formed on the 9 October 1973, as part of the consolidation and downsizing of the Guelphian Defence Force in the wake of the Paris Accords that temporarily ended the Vietnam Conflict.


The Land Command is arranged into the following brigades:

Order of Battle

Order of Battle for the Land Command

General Officer Commanding

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