Isle of Lunenburg

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Isle of Lunenburg
Map of Isle of Lunenburg
Established 14 November 1836[1]
Population (2015) 467,305  (Ranked 3rd)
Ethnicity 96.25% White
3.75% Other
Isle of Lunenburg County Council
Coat of Arms of Isle of Lunenburg
Chairman      Ron Head (Dem)
Local authorities of Guelphia
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The Isle of Lunenburg is a county and second-largest island in the Guelphian archipelago. The Isle is the only county that consists of a whole island, and is the only county not on Brunswick Island.

References and notes

  1. The eight counties of Guelphia were established by way of an Order-in-Council on the 7 November 1836 and formally came into existence seven days later.

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