Howell Power Station

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Howell Power Station
Location Howell, DEVX
Status Under construction
Construction began 14 June 2011
Owner(s) Government of Guelphia
Operator(s) Arrow Electricity
Nuclear power station
Reactor type PWR
Fuel supplier Bureau of Nuclear Science
Cogeneration? No
Cooling source River Cope
Cooling towers 2
Power generation
Units under const. 1 × 2,000 MW steam turbine
Nameplate capacity 2,000 MW
Location map
Howell Power Station is located in Guelphia
Howell Power Station
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Electricity sector of Guelphia
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The Howell Power Station is a nuclear powered electricity generating station presently under construction. The power station is located 5.24 kilometres (3.26 miles) west village of Howell in the county of Deverauxshire adjacent to the River Cope. With a proposed generation capacity of 2,000 MW, Howell is expected to become one of the largest power stations in Guelphia, sharing the title with the forthcoming Split Rock B power station.

Once complete, the station will be completely owned and operated by the state-owned Arrow Electricity.

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