Guelphian Railways Corporation

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Guelphian Railways Corporation
Type Crown monopoly
Owner(s) Government of Guelphia
Predecessor(s) Guelphian Railways Authority
Founded 1 January 1994
Products and services
Industry Transport
  • Passenger rail
  • Rail freight
  • Railway access
  • Maintenance

The Guelphian Railways Corporation or GRC is a crown monopoly responsible for the management and maintenance of the railway network on behalf of the Crown. The corporation was established in 1994 to replace the Guelphian Railways Authority, which in addition to access and maintenance, had also provided all passenger and freight services in Guelphia from 1972.


Successor organisations

The suburban transport division of the GRC was spun off into separate passenger transport authorities on the 1 January 1989.


Track access

The GRC owns all of the below track railway assets in Guelphia. This includes the track, signalling, tunnels, bridges, level crossings, and stations. Access to these assets is controlled by the corporation, who charge the rail operators an access fee, and a mileage fee for use of the network.


In addition to track access, the corporation is charged with the maintenance of the national rail network. All track, signalling, tunnels, bridges, level crossings, and stations belong the corporation. In order to carry out this work, the corporation owns 10 regular diesel locomotives of its own, in addition to the specialised rail maintenance vehicles operated.

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