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Order of wear

Since 6 March 1972, the order of wearing decorations and awards within the Guelphian Honours System has been as follows, and includes:

  • the various Orders, Decorations, and Medals of Guelphia;
  • those conferred by The Sovereign in exercise of the Royal Prerogative; and
  • foreign awards, the acceptance and wearing of which have been authorised by The Sovereign.

Note that awards of the British Empire are now considered foreign (if awarded after 6 March 1972), and should be worn accordingly,

  1. Alexander Cross.png Alexander Cross
  2. Cross of Gallantry.png Cross of Gallantry
  3. Order of Guelphia.png Knight/Dame Companion of the Order of Guelphia
  4. Order of Merit.png Knight/Dame Grand Cross of the Order of Merit
  5. Order of Merit.png Knight/Dame of the Order of Merit
  6. Royal Service Order.png Knight/Dame of the Royal Service Order
  7. Knight Bachelor.png Knight Bachelor (Confers the title of "Sir" with no postnominals.)
  8. Order of Merit.png Companion of the Order of Merit
  9. Gallantry Medal.png Gallantry Medal
  10. Star of Bravery.png Star of Bravery
  11. Distinguished Service Cross.png Distinguished Service Cross
  12. Order of Merit.png Officer of the Order of Merit
  13. Order of Merit.png Member of the Order of Merit
  14. Royal Service Order.png Member of the Royal Service Order
  15. Conspicuous Conduct Medal.png Conspicuous Conduct Medal
  16. Distinguished Service Star.png Distinguished Service Star
  17. Bravery Medal.png Bravery Medal
  18. Civil Service Medal.png Civil Service Medal
  19. Police Medal.png Police Medal
  20. Fire Medal.png Fire Medal
  21. Ambulance Medal.png Ambulance Medal
  22. Civil Defence Medal.png Civil Defence Medal
  23. National Citation for Bravery.png National Citation for Bravery
  24. War medals, campaign medals, and service medals (Worn in order of date of participation in campaign or operation for which awarded.):
    1. 1914 1915 Star.png 1914 Star
    2. 1914 1915 Star.png 1914–15 Star[1]
    3. British War Medal.png British War Medal
    4. Mercantile Marine War Medal.png Mercantile Marine War Medal
    5. Victory Medal.png Victory Medal
    6. Naval General Service Medal.png Naval General Service Medal
    7. General Service Medal 1918.png General Service Medal (1918)
    8. 1939-45 Star.png 1939-1945 Star
    9. Atlantic Star.png Atlantic Star
    10. Air Crew Europe Star.png Air Crew Europe Star
    11. Africa Star.png Africa Star
    12. Pacific Star.png Pacific Star
    13. Burma Star.png Burma Star
    14. Italy Star.png Italy Star
    15. France and Germany Star.png France and Germany Star
    16. Defence Medal.png Defence Medal
    17. War Medal 1939–1945.png War Medal 1939–1945
    18. Guelphia Service Medal 1939-45.png Guelphia Service Medal 1939-45
    19. Korea Medal.png Korea Medal
    20. General Service Medal 1962.png General Service Medal (1962)
    21. General Service Medal for Guelphia.png General Service Medal for Guelphia
  25. King Philip I Coronation Medal.png King Philip I Coronation Medal
  26. Centenary Medal.png Centenary Medal
  27. King Philip II Coronation Medal.png King Philip II Coronation Medal
  28. King Philip II Silver Jubilee Medal.png King Philip II Silver Jubilee Medal
  29. King Alexander III Coronation Medal.png King Alexander III Coronation Medal
  30. King James II Coronation Medal.png King James II Coronation Medal
  31. Meritorious Service Medal.png Meritorious Service Medal
  32. Foreign awards (in order of date of authorisation of their acceptance and wearing).

References and notes

  1. Recipients of the 1914 Star are not eligible for the award of the 1914–15 Star, but may be eligible for a Clasp to the 1914 Star.

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