Guelphian Army

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Guelphian Army
Type Land forces
Size 31,750
Part of Guelphian Defence Force
Headquarters Gatehouse Square
Kingsbury, CENT
Chief of Staff Maj Gen David Emerson-Hill
Flag of the Army Flag-army.png

The Guelphian Army is the primary land component of the Guelphian Defence Force. It is a small, yet effective force of 31,750 personnel engaged as full-time, reserve, or conscript soldiers. Despite it's small size, the Army is considered to be one of the the most technologically sophisticated and tactically skilful forces in the Pacific region, alongside the Australian and New Zealand armies.

The Guelphian Army is established under the royal prerogative, and the traditional head of the Army is HM The King. The professional head of the Guelphian Army is the Chief of the Army Staff, currently Lieutenant General David Emerson-Hill. The Chief of the Army in turn reports to the Chief of the Defence Force Staff.


The Guelphian Army was established on the 11 February 1856.


Further information: Structure of the Guelphian Army

The Army is divided into the Regular Army, the Territorial Militia and National Servicemen. The regular army is a full professional outfit, whereas the militia is a part time reserve outfit only called upon in emergencies. By law, conscripts can never be deployed onto active duty and act only in a support role after their initial training period.

Each divisional outfit is made up members that serve as infantry, artillery, cavalry, engineers and logistics. These outfits are divided into divisions, brigades, battalions/squadrons, companies, and troops. Each of these units is commanded by a officer of lessening rank down to a troop, which is usually commanded by a lieutenant.

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