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Geography of Guelphia
Continent Oceania
Coordinates 42°17'18"S 162°49'17"W
Area 27,250 square miles (70,600 km2)
Highest point Mount Alexander
8,172 feet (2,491 m)
Lowest point Sea level
0 feet (0 m)
Longest river River Waiparu
185 miles (298 km)
Largest lake Lake Copeton
17 34 square miles (46 km2)

The geography of Guelphia encompasses two main islands and a number of smaller islands, located in the far south of the Pacific Ocean. The majority of the country sits between 39°55' to 44°38' south of the equator and 159°25' to 166°12' west of the prime meridian. Guelphia's nearest neighbour are the Chatham Islands of New Zealand, some 470 miles (760 km) west-southwest of the archipelago.

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