Gatehouse Square, Kingsbury

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Gatehouse Square
Type Headquarters
Site information
Controlled by Guelphian Defence Force
Site history
Built 1876
In use 1876-Present

Gatehouse Square is both a public garden square in the Kingsbury City Centre and a metonym for the headquarters of the Guelphian Defence Force and the wider Ministry of Defence.

One the five original public squares built in the construction of the national capital, the Gatehouse Square is formed where Market Avenue and Prince David Avenue converge to meet North Terrace. The two principal buildings on the square are the War Office Building and the Admiralty Office Building. In these buildings can be found the office of the Chief of the Defence Force Staff, the Minister of State for Defence and the three service chiefs. The square is also associated with the Guelphia Gate, a triumphal arch that was constructed in 1936 to celebrate the centenary of European settlement in Guelphia.

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