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The Scania P94D 260 pumper forms the backbone of the fire apparatus at most fire stations in Guelphia.
There are eight fire and rescue services in Guelphia. Responsibility for fire and rescue services falls to the county councils under the provisions laid out in the Local Government Act[1] and the Emergency Services Act[2]. As of 2017 there are 6,605 firefighters in Guelphia, 30% or 1,980 of whom were career firefighters and 70% or 4,625 were volunteers.


Fire and rescue services in Guelphia

  • Albanyshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • Beaufortshire Fire Brigades
  • Centralia Fire and Rescue Service
  • Deverauxshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • Fitzroyshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • Isle of Lunenburg Fire and Rescue Service
  • Vernonshire Fire Brigades
  • Westerland Fire and Rescue Service


Rank insignia

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References and notes

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  2. Emergency Services Act (Public Act No. 4 of 1983).