FICT Secretariat of Tourism and Sports (FSTS)

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The FICT Secretariat of Tourism and Sports (FSTS) is an organisation founded by the Forum for International Cooperation and Trade (FICT) to develop and promote tourism and sports among its member states. The FSTS main office is located in La Mère à Boire (Île de Romanhe).

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FICT Games 2013 - Champion: Adzhatia

FICT Games 2015 - Champion: Yutyrama


# director took office left office country
1 Ramiru Sendereh 4 May 2013 1 May 2016 Kaupelan
2 Acauã Dantas Nonato 1 May 2016 incumbent Yutyrama


The FSTS is subdivided in two departments, the Department of Sports ans the Department of Tourism, totalling 12 employees.


The 2013 Budget of FSTS was 3.8 million dollars, considering the following expenditures (in thousand dollars):

  • Wages & Benefits - 1,100
  • Housing - 300
  • Operations - 2,000
  • Contingencies - 400