Ellford Junction, Centralia

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Ellford Junction
Railway Carriage Workshops, Ellford Junction
General information
Established 1882
Postal code CENT
Dialling code 01
County Centralia
Municipality Ellford Rural District
Parish Ellford Junction
Elevation 3,513 ft (1,071 m)
Population 2,299  (Ranked 131st)
Property value £29,500
Ellford Junction Parish Council
Arms-ellford junction.png
Coat of Arms of Ellford Junction, Centralia
Type Select vestry
Incorporated 1 October 1984
Seat Ellford Junction Hall
1 High Street
Ellford Junction, CENT
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Ellford Junction is located in Guelphia
Ellford Junction
Ellford Junction
Location of Ellford Junction
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Ellford Junction is a town and parish located in the south of Centralia. As of 2010, the parish has a population of 2,299, some 2,046 of whom live in the town itself. Located on the junction of three railway lines, Ellford Junction has long been Guelphia's pre-eminent railway town, serving as the hub of the rail sector from the age of steam through to the present day.


Ellford Junction's toponomy can be divided into two parts. The name Ellford is drawn from the nearby town of the same name. Ellford is a simple name that means a ford over the River Ell, and was named by Colonel James Lang when he surveyed the area in the late 1830s. Lang named the Ell after the former measure of length that had been used by his ancestors in the textile industry[1]. When he crossed the river he found it to be approximately 1 ell or 45 inches (1,100 mm) deep. The suffix of "ford" is drawn from the common term for a point on a river or stream where it shallow enough to cross in safety[2].

The Junction appellation derives from the town's location at the meeting place of the Central Main Line, Eastern Main Line, and the Kingsbury branch line. The Oxford Dictionary defines a junction as being the "point where two or more things are joined"[3]. As a result of this being the meeting place of railway lines, the town has been the centre of the Guelphian rail industry since the 1880s.


Ellford Junction is situated on Brunswick Island (42°44'30"S 161°59'15"W), and lies on the Central Tablelands to the north of the Main Range. The town was established where the aforementioned railway lines meet on the banks of the Primrose Stream, about 1 34 miles (2.8 km) west of the River Ell. The town itself has an elevation of approximately 3,513 feet (1,071 m); the highest point in the parish is Mount Belfield at 3,933 feet (1,199 m).


According to the Statistics Agency, there:

  • were 2,299 people on the night of the last census (2 August 2010), making Ellford Junction the 131st largest settlement in Guelphia;
  • the population of the village was equal to less than 0.07% of the national population of 3,314,142.

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