Duke of Mitchell

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Duke of Mitchell
Title in the Peerage of Guelphia
Arms-duke of mitchell.png
Armorial bearings of the Duke of Mitchell
Creation date 6 June 1976
Created by Alexander III
First holder Prince Matthew
Subsidiary titles Earl of Redmouth
Baron Sandon
The 1st Duke's heirs general of the body lawfully begotten

The Duke of Mitchell was a title of nobility in the peerage of Guelphia for Prince Matthew. The title was created on the 6 June 1976, and was held by the prince until his sudden death on the 8 December 2005. As the first duke had no legitimate heirs, the title became extinct on his death.

The dukedom also included the subsidiary titles of Earl of Redmouth and Baron Sandon, both of which were created simultaneously with the dukedom.

Duke of Mitchell (1976)

Peer Birth Marriages Death
Prince Matthew
8 September 1946
Kingsbury, CENT
son of Alexander III and Christine Wentworth-Wright
Unmarried 8 December 2005
Kingsbury, CENT
aged 59
Prince Matthew died without issue

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