Cook's Landing, Deverauxshire

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Cook's Landing
General information
Established 1855
Postal code DEVX
Dialling code 04
County Deverauxshire
Municipality Te Piha Rural District
Parish Cook's Landing
Elevation 49 ft (15 m)
Population 1,442  (Ranked 150th)
Property value £16,425
Cook's Landing Parish Council
Coat of Arms of Cook's Landing, Deverauxshire
Type Select vestry
Incorporated 1 October 1984
Seat Cook's Landing Hall
38 High Street
Cook's Landing, DEVX
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Cook's Landing
Cook's Landing
Location of Cook's Landing
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Cook's Landing is a town and parish in the south-east corner of the county of Deverauxshire. As of 2010, the parish has a population of 1,442, with the town itself having a population of 1,244.

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