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Conservation Reserves
IUCN category IV
(habitat/species management area)
Visitors Access prohibited
Managing authority Royal National Parks Service

Conservation Reserves are a rare type of protected area used for specific conservation projects. There are currently just xxx such reserves in Guelphia, which between them occupy 0 square miles (0 km2) or x.xx% of the country.

Created in 1968, the reserves essentially serve as wildlife arks and are where specific rescue and rehabilitation schemes aim to protect and nurture endangered flora and fauna. Reserves are fenced to protect the inhabitants from introduced predators such as feral cats and foxes. Unlike other types of protected area, access to conservation reserves is expressly forbidden, and trespassers are liable to prosecution if caught.


Conservation reserves have been defined under the International Union for Conservation of Nature as:

An area of land and/or sea subject to active intervention for management purposes so as to ensure the maintenance of habitats and/or to meet the requirements of specific species.[1]

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