Australis Electricity

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Australis Electricity
Type Crown enterprise
Owner(s) Government of Guelphia
Predecessor(s) Electricity Commission
Key people Thomas Clark (Chairman)
Corey Chan (Chief executive)
Products and services
Industry Energy
Services Electricity generation

Australis Electricity is the largest of the three major electricity generation companies in Guelphia. The company is a crown enterprise, and has a portfolio of generating sites, including Split Rock Power Station, Guelphia's only operating nuclear power station.

Power stations

Australis Electricity owns and operates five power stations. The current total nameplate capacity of these power stations stands at 2,252 MW, which will increase to 2,552 MW by 2025.

Name Fuel Type Location Maximum Capacity Annual Generation Commissioned
Boyd Gorge Dam Hydro Conventional Mannsbridge, BEAU 480 MW
Copeton Dam Hydro Conventional Copeton, DEVX 24 MW
Egerton Dam Hydro Conventional Ashford, WEST 36 MW
Split Rock Dam Hydro Conventional Split Rock, DEVX 12 MW
Split Rock Power Station Nuclear PWR Split Rock, DEVX 1,700 MW 12,666 GW·h 7 May 1982

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