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Attorney-General of Guelphia
Sir Austin Nicholson KC

since 8 March 2009
Style Mister Attorney
Nominator Judicial Appointments Commission
Appointer James II
Term length At His Majesty's pleasure
Inaugural holder Sir Marcus Dodds
Deputy Solicitor-General of Guelphia
Salary 14,825

The Attorney-General of Guelphia is a constitutional officer who is the official adviser to the Government of Guelphia in matters of law. The holder of the position is responsible for the administration of the Attorney-General's Chambers and it's subsidiary offices. The current Attorney-General of Guelphia is Sir Austin Nicholson KC.


Function and role

The office of the Attorney-General has a four separate functions it is required to perform. In the course of discharging these duties, the Attorney-General is assisted by four law officers, namely:

Attorneys-General of Guelphia

There have been 49 Attorneys-General of Guelphia since the office was established in 1835.

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