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Ministry of Defence
Formed 18 February 1836
Central Office War Office Building
11-13 Gatehouse Square
Kingsbury, CENT
Senior administration
Minister of State Tom Jackson
Permanent Secretary Emma Taylor
National Defence
Executive agencies

The Ministry of Defence is the government ministry responsible for supporting the Guelphian Defence Force. The current Minister of State for Defence is the Right Honourable Tom Jackson MHA. There is also one Deputy Minister, Anna Li, who is responsible for these other functions of the ministry.


The chief responsibility of the ministry is the support of the Guelphian Defence Force in it's role in the defence of Guelphia against foreign aggression.

Senior administration


The Ministry of Defence is headed by the Minister of State for Defence, who is supported by a Deputy Minister and a Parliamentary Secretary, all of whom are supported a large body of civil servants assigned to them to manage the ministers office and ministry.

Office Name Term
Minister of State for Defence The Rt Hon. Tom Jackson MHA 2014-present
Assistant Minister for Defence
Deputy Minister for Repatriation
Senator Zac Duncan 2014-present
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of State for Defence Louis Swift MHA 2014-present

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